We can trust that when things don’t work out the way we want, Allah has something better planned.

You may not end up where you thought you’d be, but you will always end up where you’re meant to be right where Allah intended you to be all along!

If Allah has put you in a difficult situation in this world, its a chance to earn ease in the hereafter through patience.

Whatever you lost through fate, be certain that it saved you from pain. Whatever you lost through the stroke of destiny, know it was to save you from adversity. One small affliction keeps off greater afflictions; one small loss prevents greater losses.

Have faith, do not lose hope, wait patiently. He indeed will create a way to deliver you from your hardships. Persevere, have faith in His benevolence. Through afflictions Allah only tests your faith; He is completely aware of your condition. Have patience and wait for the divine decree.

Do not lose hope in adversity and complain that God singled you out for punishment, remitting others guilty of worse sins. Your present state could very well be His intent to elevate your spiritual station; or He could just be testing your faith. Everyday that you persevere, you grow closer to perfection. Thus your present despair may be beginning of an infinite blessing.

Whenever Allah gives a blessing to a servant, and then takes it away from him, and the servant patiently endures his loss, then He rewards him with a blessing which is better than the one He took away.

When Allah tests you it is never to destroy you. When He removes something in your possession it is only in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift!.” -Ibn al-Qayyim

Allaah says: “And whoever has Taqwaa of Allaah, He will make a way out for him (from hardship), and He will provide for Him from places He never imagined.” [Surah At-Talaaq: 2-3]

No matter how much you’re going through or how much hope you lost and how confused you were in what to do. Allah (SWT) was the one who took you out of that situation or he will after he tests your patience and faith in him or maybe he just wants to take something away from you to replace it with something better.

Allah knows best. He knows whats best for you, it may not seem like it but the pieces of the puzzle connect at the end. Always have faith in Allah because he only can do anything, everything is possible to him. Pray to him everyday, repent everyday, and make sure you thank him everyday also. Imagine waking up tomorrow with just what you thanked Allah for today?

Alhamdulillah for everything. SubhanAllah how the creator can change your life in just a day

When we face difficulties or we lose something, and we make Dua to Allah and have patience, inshā’Allāh, whatever we have lost, Allāh (subḥānahu wa ta’āla) will compensate us in this world and the next with that which is abundantly better. When we experience that blessing we will thank Allāh (subḥānahu wa ta’āla) for taking us through that test and we will understand that we were never abandoned, our du‘ā’’s were heard (every single one of them) and Allāh (subḥānahu wa ta’āla) was always in control of our affairs.

Treat each difficulty and hardship as a calling from your lord to purify your soul and to increase your rank in the hereafter. The way you face and see each trial is half the battle. Realize that you cannot flee from trials, but you can pass all trials successfully with Allah’s help. Know that each trial is an opportunity to get closer to Allah, for nothing in this world is more valuable than a moment spent in contemplation and worship of Allah.

Miracles are always possible!

It was physically ‘impossible’ for Maryam (as) to be pregnant. It was ‘impossible’ for the sea to split in half for Prophet Musa and his people to escape the army behind them. It was ‘impossible’ for Prophet Ibrahim to emerge unscathed from the fire that his people threw him into. It was ‘impossible’ for the Prophet Muhammad to travel to Al-Aqsa and ascend to the heavens all in one single night.

May peace be upon them all.

Sometimes we read about these miracles but we fail to connect them to our own existence. “These miracles only happened in the past,” we say. “It’s not realistic for us to hope for miracles in our own lives,” we say.

But if you’ve ever experienced happiness after losing someone you loved deeply, you’ll understand how miraculous that feels. It’s as though Allah (swt) split your grieving heart in two like the Red Sea, and allowed hope to emerge from between the two towering walls of water.

He prevented the fire of your pain from consuming you. He filled your mind with ideas and your heart with love and appreciation, even when you thought you had nothing left to give.

He filled your bellies with life when you thought you would never carry a child.

He takes you to places in your dreams and in your realities that you never imagined possible.

And yet we believe that miracles are all in the past?

We aren’t meant to read about the miracles of Allah and then just move on as though they’re stories of the past. We are meant to understand that the miracles of Allah are happening all the time, all around us and within us as well.

When you cry out in the middle of the chaos of life – My Lord, show me a sign! – look within yourself. Remember every difficulty He saved you from. Remember when He healed you. Remember when He gave you a light to carry in the middle of the darkness.

Remember how you’ve survived so much – only because of Him. You are a miracle.

“We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?” (41:53).

Do not despair of the mercy of God

If God could split the sea for Moses, if He could rescue Jonah from the belly of a dark whale, in the depths of the dark sea, if He could provide for Mary as she gave birth to Jesus all alone, if He could reunite Joseph as a ruler of Egypt with the brothers who threw him in the well, He can easily surround you with the love and support you need to get through the difficulties you’re facing.

When me and you cry out, from the depths of our souls, in pain, feeling all alone, He has already responded: “When My servant asks you concerning Me, I am near! I respond to the supplication of the one who asks when they ask!” (Quran 2:186)

No one was with Moses when he fled Pharoh’s city, or Jonah when he was swallowed, or Mary when she gave birth, or Joseph in that dark well. No one but the One Who saw them through it. He’s the same One Who will see me and you through our pain. Even when we forget about Him, when we try to push Him away, no matter how long it has been or how much we’ve done, He’s still calling out:

“O My servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair of the mercy of God. Indeed, God forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.” (Quran 39: 53)

Go back to Him. He is always ready for you.

Facing hardships? Life treating you extra rough?

Facing hardships? Life treating you extra rough?

Once, Aisha was with the Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) and he was sick with a high fever, in great pain. Aisha remarked at how painful and difficult this was, even for her to watch. The Prophet (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) remarked,

“O Aisha! Do you not know that Allah makes matters difficult for the believer so that all of his sins may be forgiven?” [Ibn Sa’d; authentic]

Realize that as tough as life gets, if you are patient and expect relief and reward, both of those will inevitably be given to you. Always remember the purpose of such tests: to raise our ranks and forgive our sins. And know that the trials of this world are infinitely easier than the trials of the next, and the joys of the next world are infinitely better than the joys of this world.

Yasir Qadhi

“When (will come) the Help of God?”

The companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) were in so much physical and emotional pain because of the intensity of the Islamophobic hate crimes towards their small Muslim community in Mecca. To give them strength in such difficulty, they requested from the Prophet (p), “Oh Messenger of God, why don’t you tell us the stories of those before who also suffered?”

And in response to the request of those who need strength in times of hardship, in times of weakness, in times of fear and vulnerability and pain, God Almighty revealed Surah Yusuf.

When you’re scared to leave the house, remember how Prophet Joseph (p) must have felt as he was thrown into a desolate well, with no one to stand up for him or support him

When you’re frustrated at hearing Islamophobic and hateful comments by people you thought you knew, remember how he must have felt when he was betrayed by his very own brothers

When you feel like people generalize, stigmatize and stereotype; when they blame YOU, imagine what it must have felt like for Yusuf to be thrown into jail for crimes he did not commit.

When you feel like it would be so much easier to just let go, remember when Yusuf was given that chance but prayed God strengthen him.

And then, think about despite the pain and turmoil, humiliation and betrayal, manipulation and oppression, he was given one of the highest political positions of a land he wasn’t from. He was the key to why so many people were saved from famine and death. And he was reunited with his family in forgiveness, in wealth and in honor.

How could anyone guess that the child who was abandoned and sold into slavery, the man who was forgotten in a prison cell for years for a crime he did not commit- would become a ruler, a savior and the one who the entire world continues to praise, celebrate and pray for today?

When we’re shaken, seek refuge with surah Yusuf. Yes, at times it may seem like we’ve been thrown into a dark, desolate well. But perhaps it’s only so that we, too, will rise, will surpass, will transform.

If He brought us to it, He will get us through it.

“When (will come) the Help of God?” Yes! Certainly, the Help of God is near!” (Quran, 2:214)