Seeking Refuge in ALLAH.

Allahumma ‘inni ‘a’udhu bika min jaaris-su’i, wa min zawjin tushayyibuni qablal-mashibi, wa min waladin yakunu ‘alayya rabban, wa min maalin yakuunu ‘alayya ‘adhaaban, wa min khaleelin maakirin ‘aynuhu taraani wa qalbuhu yar’aanni, ‘inra’ay hasanatan dafanahaa, wa ‘idhaa ra’ay sayyi’atan ‘adhaa’ahaa.

O’Allah! I take refuge in You from being having an evil neighbour, and from having a wife who causes me to grow old before old age (who turns my hair grey before the time of grey hair), and from having a child who will become a master over me, and from wealth which becomes a punishment upon me, and from having a cunning friend whose gaze is upon me and his heart is plotting and planning against me; such that if he sees something good from me he conceals (buries) it, and if he sees something evil from me he broadcasts it.

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