Assalamu Alaikkum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatahu

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam,

Welcome to Mumin’s blog, this is a sincere effort to present and spread islamic articles among all. May Allah(SWT) make this blog a learning place for all and spread the message of Islam, the straight path ( Sirat -ul -Mustaqeem) to the world.

Insha Allah , Allah Subhanawataala will help those who are sincere in effort to find out the truth.

This blog is dedicated to my beloved mom who passed away on 28th May, 2010 and to those sincere and selfless slaves of Almighty Allah.

May Allah forgive my mom’s sins and grant her Jannathul Firdous – Ameen. I request all the readers to pray for her Maghfirath and for our strength to bear this great loss. Jazakallahu Khayr.

O Almighty Allah,

My Creator, Owner and Sustainer,

Watcher of all my deeds,

I implore You, beseech You, beg You

To accept this humble effort of mine,

Help the readers of this blog to the Light of Guidance

And grant me pardon on the Day of Judgement

When nothing except Your Mercy and Blessings

Will be of any help.




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  1. Hi…Let me congratuate you for such a sincere effort. May ALLAH(SWT) bless you with lots of energy and resources to carry on with you mission and spread the word of ALLAH ….which is the true path path peace and happiness. Now this world needs people like you….
    JazakAllah Khairukum..

  2. ASAK Brother Mumin
    May Allah Almighty accept your effort and reward you in multiples.

    You have a nice dua on the welcome/first page of the blog, which i intend to use in part on a website i am working on. Would you have any objection to it? Plz respond.

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