“To be content with a thing doesn’t mean that you are personally happy with it. It means that: I am content with God, my Lord, who has ordained this for me. We can be content in happiness, and content in sadness. All the things that transpire in our lives are from God. He willed for it to be. Contentment is a type of submission: I have no complaints against Him, and I can do the best in the situation that I am in, and I will seek to find the wisdom that God has in this.”

– Shaykh Umar Faruq Abdullah


Surah Duha – Cure for depression

Whenever I’m feeling down, I recite Surah Duha and its powerful message revives my optimism. So without wasting any time, here is the translation:

V1-2: By the dawn, and the night when it is still.

V3-5: Your Lord has not forsaken you, neither is He displeased with you, and the Afterlife is better for you than what came before. Soon Your Lord will give you and you will be pleased.

V6-8: Did I not find you an orphan then granted you support, and found you wondering and guided you, and found you poor and granted you wealth?

V 9-12: So do not oppress the orphans, and do not chase away those who ask, and speak about the favors of Your lord.

The Summary:

1. This Surah was revealed when the Prophet (peace be upon him) had not received revelation for a while and was saddened because of this.

2. Allah turns our attention to the Afterlife and an optimistic view of the future, to ease our hearts of our current worries.

3. Allah turns our attention then to the past and all the different obstacles He helped us overcome previously, as signs that He will assist us again.

4. Allah teaches us to find happiness in serving others, treating people well and speaking about His Blessings in our lives which far outweigh our worries.

Practical Benefits:

1. Ponder over these verses the next time you are feeling down.

2. Focus on our goal – Paradise and don’t let the worries of this world distract us from them.

3. When things go bad, recall every time Allah helped you out of a bad situation before, and be assured that He will do so again if we are patient.

4. The secret to happiness is in spending on others of our wealth, knowledge and time, so do not be stingy with any of these resources.

5. When feeling down, talk about all the good things that Allah has blessed you with and you will realize the blessings outweigh the causes of worry.

We end by asking #Allah (swt) to protect us all from anxiety and depression.

When Allah informed the Angels about His placement of the human being on this earth, they asked “are you going to place them there while they spread corruption therein and spill blood?”

And Allah responded “I know that which you don’t know.”

There are times in life when we logically process an event or a reality and think to ourselves, “what on earth is happening?” It’s at those times we need to remind ourselves of the reality of this world. There is so much that unknown to us that lies ahead, and trust in Allah’s design and plan is essential for us to make sense of it all. Trust in what Allah told the Angels.

Allah knows that which no one else knows.

At a certain point in time, you will perhaps find yourself in utter despair. Not at the state of your own affairs, but rather due to the concern you experience in regards to someone who is close to your heart.

Perhaps you feel helpless because you can not help them physically with your bare hands, however this is not always the case. For those very hands which can rise in supplication are undoubtedly capable of moving mountains. So do you not think that your supplication for another individual can move their mountain load?

We will find that Allah endears people to us at the most unusual times. It’s as though you wake up one day, and one person, one friend means the world to you. And you may wonder how it happened? Why your paths suddenly crossed? But perhaps Allah wanted you to help them, Allah wanted to support and help them through you. Perhaps their purpose was to remind you of Allah, and your purpose was to be a means of assistance. By your supplications for them, and the care you feel towards them.

Yet despite all of this, despite the fact that you may just be a means, they will remain important to you, they will remain dear and close to your heart.
So much so that you will find yourself in tears over them and you will never fully comprehend why. But all in all, you will know and you will remember, it is all for Allah.
So pray for those who are beloved to you, because this is the best way to help them.

It’s easy for the believer to face highs and lows in terms of emaan, the road is never just a straight one, so from time to time you will undoubtedly waver and even at times fall.
Sometimes you might even hit an all time low, one which completely pushes you in the wrong direction due to the force of shaytaan. But the moment you feel this force, you need to muster enough strength to redirect yourself, and push yourself towards Allah.

Any form of emptiness or hollowness which you may be experiencing may be an indication towards the absence of Allah’s remembrance from your heart, and His mentioning from your tongue. Hence it’s imperative that you bring back His remembrance in to your life.

Imagine the abundant blessings which come with being remembered by Allah. Imagine the angels acknowledging you, specifically you.
Will this not be a natural cause of the descent of mercy from Allah? Will such mercy not fill the emptiness within the depth of your inner self?
Undoubtedly yes!

The mercy of Allah includes safety, blessings and forgiveness. All of these combined and bestowed upon you can only mean ease and relief. Relief from any hardship, ease from anything which deters you from Allah.
So give all that you can in the remembrance of Allah, take hold of solitude and comfort yourself with His remembrance and He will comfort you with His mercy and companionship.

May Allah enable us to find ultimate peace in Him and His book, Al Quran Al Kareem. آمين.

Usually when emaan drops we don’t want to pray, it’s the last thing we want to do, but it’s our remedy, our cure. It’s exactly what we need. You have to go against what you feel and do the exact opposite.
Shaytaan tells you that you don’t want to. But you do. Your soul does.

It’s your recharge, your boost. It’s exactly what you need.
There’s no spa treatment or vacation which can do you better than two rakaats of salah prayed with full concentration and humility.

Allah is fully aware and He knows you well. He knows that you are struggling. He knows that salah may even feel somewhat burdensome for you right now.

But He also wants the best for you. Hence He prescribed salah for you five times a day. He gave you a practical solution before you even needed it. Before you even thought you would need it.

And He did this out of infinite compassion and mercy towards you. Because He doesn’t want to lose you. No matter how low you may stoop, you are His servant and you are important to Him, regardless of how very unimportant you may feel right now.

Know that He is your Lord and He made your prayer a source of relief for you. Hence the coolness of Nabi ﷺ’s blessed eyes lied in salah. He had the world’s worry on his shoulders and salah was his comfort.

Likewise whatever is getting you down now, be it low emaan or a heavy load, take refuge in salah and Allah will shelter and take care of you. He is your provider and guardian. Let that suffice you.

Being content with the decrees of Allah:
❝Be pleased with what Allah has proportioned for you, and you will be the richest of people.❞
Wahb said: ❝If what makes you rich is what suffices you, the least of this Dunya is sufficient. If what suffices you does not make you rich, nothing in this world can make you rich.❞