The guidance you will receive from the Qur’an will be according to the lens through which you recite the Qur’an. Your lens may change each time you approach the Qur’an. It could be the lens of worship, through which you are able to seek guidance regarding acts of Ibaadah, or the lens of parenting, through which you are able to derive lessons on how to parent your children. The lens is a metaphor for intention. So each time, you approach the Qur’an for something concerning you, purify your intention, clean the lens and ask Allah to bless you with guidance from His book.


When we are put through tests, it takes a tremendous amount of willpower and courage to stay positive and see the light in the darkness. At times it may feel like the weight of a mountain upon your shoulders. Yet you were never meant to carry this weight alone.
Pray and cry your heart out to your Lord. Let out your worries and fears. Ask Him, turn to Him and let your heart do the talking.
You will find no greater source of healing and comfort.

“And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive (to Allah).” [Qur’an: 2:45]

واستعينوا بالصبر والصلاة

Tadabbur – ‘contemplation of the signs of Allah’ is truly one of the most beautiful and meaningful acts of worship. So few of us nowadays take out time to sit with the Qur’an and truly reflect on the meaning of the verses. We are a nation that is unbelievably privileged to have this gift in our lives, a nation blessed unlike any other before it! The Qur’an is for all of humanity and we should never feel that we are not knowledgeable enough to ponder over its verses. Open it and Allah will teach it to you.

Countless lessons, reminders and treasures are within our reach… Were we to just contemplate and reflect.

Years ago, I prayed for something over and over, that I desperately wanted answered. But as time went on, I realized that not only was my request not coming true the way I asked- the exact opposite was happening.

I struggled with watching what I saw was the opposite of my duaa take place but I reminded myself that God’s decree is with wisdom and that His plan is the best. But it was hard. Really, really hard.

Eight years and many life events later, He answered my duaa.

And I realized that in order for my duaa to be answered in the best way for my life, I needed door after door to be closed for me so that my duaa could be answered in a specific time of my life- the best time, in the best way.

If I could speak to my younger self I would tell me, “Allah is AlHakim- the All Wise. Trust in His plan. Know it’s better than anything you could even dream of asking for and that every single obstacle on your path is actually another door opening to an even better outcome than you’re asking.”

But since I can’t speak to my old self, I’ll just remind myself- and if it’s helpful to you, then you as well, now:

He answers, in the best way, at the best time. Don’t give up. Keep begging. Keep doing the right thing. Keep having hope. He will never fail you. Even if it takes 8 years. Even if it’s different from what you ask.
He will always respond with what is best for you.

“If you see a child scrape his knee, watch him whimper with the burn of the pain and cry from the blood he sees oozing out, would you tell him the pain will last forever? That he should never stand up again because he will not heal?
Then why are you so harsh on your own self? The test you’re going through right now smarts, it burns, it’s painful. But with God’s will, it will slowly stop hurting. The wound will slowly close. The pain will become a memory. The experience a lesson.
And the scar that is left will prove to you every day that you have fallen, yes, but then you stood up again.”

On this road towards Allah, we experience different things. We experience good and we experience bad, we experience loss and we experience triumph, but regardless of what we experience, our experiences should always remind us of Him. They should always bring us closer to Him.

Sometimes we endure such struggle, in which we feel we have reached the point of no return, we feel so broken and so lost, as though there is no such thing as salvation for the soul. We endure such spiritual struggle, we strive to stay afloat but we drown amongst the waves of worldly trials and temptations. We yearn to remain close to Allah, yet it seems that there is always something there to divert us and to distract us.

But if we call upon Allah persistently, surely He will redirect us back to Him.

Everyone is enduring spiritual struggle, one way or another. There is no individual who is completely content within himself about his position with Allah. The most pious person will feel that he is too lowly in the sight of Allah and needs to aim for greater heights.

The most sinful person will feel as though he has so much to improve and so much to do in order to draw closer to Allah, this person will not aim for greater heights but rather aim to rectify even just the basics, as this is a great height for him.

Every individual is trying to better himself one way or another. We all have our weaknesses. We all have our internal struggles which we are battling with everyday. The key to triumph is to remember Allah, to seek His aid and to earnestly call upon Him.

May Allah aid us in all of our struggles, be they internal or external, for there is no aid besides His aid. آمين. 🌹