Self Evaluation Guide – SECTION ONE

Your personal relationship with Allah

-is Allah the most important priority in your life?

-how often did you remember and thank Allah in times of happiness and joy?

-how did you react to difficulties and tests Allah placed in your life? Were you patient or impatient?

-did your understanding of and commitment to Allah deepen with knowledge and practice this year?

-how often did you remember Allah on a daily basis?

-how often did you “talk” to Allah through Dua, apart from when you wanted something?

-were you lazy in how you related to Allah?

-how often did you ask for Allah’s guidance?

-how often did you turn to Allah in times of anxiety, need and difficulty?

-what can you do on a daily and weekly basis to increase your remembrance and commitment to Allah?

-how can you memorize relevant Duas from the Quran and Ahadith to remember Allah at all times?

-have you invited other human beings to relate to Allah?

Your Islamic knowledge

-Link to Islamic study syllabus

-did you read Quran with meaning and understanding this past year on a daily basis?

-if not why not?

-did you attend a regular Islamic study circle (Halaqa) or class?

-if not, where can you find one?

-did you attend any Islamic conferences or seminars?

-what are 10 new things that you learned about Islam this past year which you did not know before?

-did you implement any of these 10 things?

-did you seek knowledge only for Allah’s sake, or was there another reason?

-what 10 aspects of Islam would you like to know about by next Ramadan which you do not know about right now?

-how many Islamic books did you read this past year?

-how many Islamic videos did you watch?

-how many Islamic audio products did you listen to?

-what way of learning suits you best (i.e. oral, visual, written)?

-have you read about the people around you?

-do you have a good general knowledge of the world around you?

Your prayers

-did you pray five times a day?

-did you pray on time at school or at work, or did you make up the prayers when you got home?

-are you praying correctly, or just assuming the way you pray is correct?

-have you been concentrating in your Salah?

-have you approached prayer with anticipation, love and fear of Allah, or with a reluctance and dread, hoping to just get it over with?

-do you read Sunnah prayers with the Fard as well?

-how can you improve your prayer?

-have you made dua for your neighbors and friends at job?