In Arabic, the word ‘Fitnah’ which means ‘trials’ or ‘tests’, is derived from the root word ‘Fatanah’, meaning ‘to test gold.’ It refers to gold which is heated, and if the gold is true gold then the act of heating will make it more pure, but if the gold is faulty then heating it will make it perish and disappear. Similarly, if you are tried with ‘Fitnah’ (tests or trials) then this same analogy applies to you. Allah is testing you in order to purify you, if you are a true believer then the test will only enhance your imaan and you will come out of it purer than before. This is only for a believer. Nevertheless, for a munafiq (hypocrite), tests only bring out their true colours and cause their imaan to drop or even perish and disappear, just like the gold. …”Allah does not intend to make difficulty for you, but He intends to purify you and complete His favour upon you that you may be grateful.” (5:6)

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