When you miss someone, your thoughts will revolve around remembering them. You may think of memories, wonder what they are up to, what you will say or do when you see them etc

You’ll be surprised how much time your mind can spend on that.

And the reality could be that you may have not crossed their mind at all at this particular time. Or how many someone has remembered you and missed you and for whatever reason you didn’t even think about them.

That’s one of the misery of loving or remembering someone in this dunya. Someone won’t miss you the exact moment you miss them or remember you just because you are remembering them.

So, all day I thought of this verse today:

“Remember Me, and I will remember you”

Nowhere else will you have this guarantee. This comfort. Remembering a creation brings absolutely no real benefit to either to yourself or to the one you are remembering.

But remembering Allah brings about His love and attention to you. Remembering Him brings you comfort like nothing else.

“Verily in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find rest”

So the next time you find yourself missing someone or spending too much time remembering them – make dua for them and then turn your heart to a remembrance of someone far more beloved.”

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