When times are easy, and things are going well, then it’s easy to be thankful. But when times are a bit difficult, or things don’t go the way you wanted, that’s when the true test of faith begins. Maybe we are all guilty, that when things are well, we become a little comfortable. Maybe we also become a little careless. But when we are going through hard times, maybe it helps us get closer to Allah (SWT), and become humble, and realize our constant reliance upon Him. It is through these times when we need to bear with patience and keep our trust in Allah (SWT). Don’t give up, and think good of Allah (SWT), and try to understand that if things are not going the way you want, or you are not getting what you want, Allah (SWT) knows what’s best for us and is guiding us to achieve the highest level of success. He sees the bigger picture and knows what’s best for us, better than we understand. So don’t stop calling upon Allah (SWT), try to actually stay appreciative while going through these tough times, and work HARD to try to maintain your duty to Him. Don’t just keep running back to the things that harm you, actually WORK to make adjustments in your lives in-sha’-Allah. PUSH yourself to try to keep up with the prayers. Resist those temptations that keep pulling you. Keep trying and trying and dont give up! As time goes by, you will be able to see your own progress so that as each difficulty comes, you are able to stay more patient and trusting in Allah (SWT). And what will show even better results of your progress, is how much you are able to stay THANKFUL through these difficult times. May #Allah (SWT) instill the highest level of patience(#sabr), trust(#tawakkul) and thankfulness in all of us, Ameen.


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