At a certain point in time, you will perhaps find yourself in utter despair. Not at the state of your own affairs, but rather due to the concern you experience in regards to someone who is close to your heart.

Perhaps you feel helpless because you can not help them physically with your bare hands, however this is not always the case. For those very hands which can rise in supplication are undoubtedly capable of moving mountains. So do you not think that your supplication for another individual can move their mountain load?

We will find that Allah endears people to us at the most unusual times. It’s as though you wake up one day, and one person, one friend means the world to you. And you may wonder how it happened? Why your paths suddenly crossed? But perhaps Allah wanted you to help them, Allah wanted to support and help them through you. Perhaps their purpose was to remind you of Allah, and your purpose was to be a means of assistance. By your supplications for them, and the care you feel towards them.

Yet despite all of this, despite the fact that you may just be a means, they will remain important to you, they will remain dear and close to your heart.
So much so that you will find yourself in tears over them and you will never fully comprehend why. But all in all, you will know and you will remember, it is all for Allah.
So pray for those who are beloved to you, because this is the best way to help them.


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