* Birthdays / Baby Showers / Valentine’s Day / Mother’s Day / Father’s Day / Anniversaries (summary of Bayaan by Maulana Suhail Manya) *

* Baby Showers *

– Originated from the Hindu custom known as ‘seemantha’. After the baby is 6 months old a lavish party is held with music in hope that by listening to the music the baby will move.

– Also originates from Egypt / Greece where idol worshiping is common.

– Allah has kept a woman pure from menstruation whilst she is pregnant, why is this? This is because everything a woman does affects the child. Therefore the whole 9 months we have been given to opportunity to recite as much quran & salaah as we can do that it can have a good affect on the child.

– How can we hold a baby shower, a practice which originates from Hinduism with a child in our stomach ?

– In Islam we have aqiqah.

* Valentines Day *

– originates from Christianity

– Would you allow your son & daughter in law to spend some time together in a church? Then how can you allow them to celebrate Valentine’s Day which originates from Christianity?

– Islam has given us ways to increase the love between a husband & wife. We don’t need an occasion to give each other gifts. Give gifts to each other often. Giving gifts is charity.

* Wedding Anniversaries *

– originates from the Christian Roman Empire.

– Giving expensive gifts like a £5000 watch does not prove your love for each other. In fact love is that you don’t even fight with another for a watch.

* Mothers/ Fathers Day *

– originates from Christianity
– Also originates from Hinduism known as ‘ Maa ka kirtha Anooshi ‘ (Mothers fourth night pilgrimage)

– Mother’s Day is also known as Virgin Mary Day.

– The Christian’s say that God is a spirit & in Mary & in Jesus. So than how can we celebrate virgin Mary day?

– In Islam there is no Mother’s Day. In Islam jannah lies beneath the feet of a mother.

– In Islam Mother’s Day is everyday.

– Be the reason for the coolness of your parents eyes everyday, not just by sending flowers & gifts on mother’s/ Father’s Day.

– The best gift we can give to our parents is serving them in their old age.

* Birthdays *

– Think about death day. Are we going to leave with imaan or not?

– When mothers find nothing wrong in making a birthday cake & hosting birthday parties they are removing the essence of imaan from the children’s hearts. How can we then expect these children to serve us?

– One who imitates another religion is as though he committed kufar.

– We can’t leave the world with imaan whilst practicing the traditions & customs of Hinduism & Christianity.

– Allah forbid any individual who justifies these occasions & does not repent will die as a kafir.

– We don’t need an occasion to prepare a good meal. Do it every week & spend time with your family.

– A person will be resurrected with whom he imitates

– Do we want to be resurrected with the Hindus & christians? How will the prophet intercede for us if we are resurrected with them ? How will we then enter jannah?

– A day will come where the law will not allow us to say these things. Therefore it is important that we take action NOW & create the correct environment at home for the coming generations.

* Do amr bil maroof ( enjoin the good) & nahi anil munkar ( forbid the evil ). Stop our neighbours, family & friends from celebrating these occasions. Start off by spreading this message & Bayaan. *

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