Ramadan Mubarak (India)

Copy of RamadhanFeeling sad that you’re not as ready for Ramadan as you should be? Worried that your not as excited as you should be?

Realize that these very emotions indicate that you have faith, and that you do understand the importance of the month. What would be truly terrifying is if you didn’t feel anything regarding this month!

It’s ok to be nervous, and to feel unprepared. But it’s not ok then sit back and do nothing.

Read up on the blessings of the month. Listen to lectures that will inspire you. Go to the masjid for tarawih. Open the Quran and recite. Be in the company of the righteous. And most importantly, make Dua that Allah bless you this Ramadan, and grant you forgiveness.

Bismillah, the month is upon us.

Ready, set….GO! Let’s begin.

All Praises and Thanks are due to Allah for helping us to witness another Ramadan and May He help us to attain Taqwa and closeness to HIM in this great month – Aameen


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