If you dress modestly but you hate it; if you smother your frustration in response to your parents even when you want to scream; if you continue to pray your prayers even though you wonder why you do them; if you would drink but you don’t; if you say no when you so badly want to say yes: it doesn’t make you a hypocrite. It doesn’t mean your belief is weak.

Your doing things even if you don’t want to, your not doing things even when you wish you could, for the sole reason of trying to live your life within the guidelines you believe have been set by God: that’s a testimony of the STRENGTH of your faith, not your lack of it.

Keep doing the right thing even when you’re frustrated with it. And ask God to give you strength to love it, understand it, and have a support system to help get you through it.

You’re not a weak believer. You’re not a hypocrite. You’re a spiritual warrior.

المجاهد هو من يجاهد نفسه على طاعة الله
“The warrior is the one who strives against his/her self in obedience to God, the Mighty and Majestic.” -Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) [At-Tirmidhi]


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