Okay. There is an issue surrounding hijab that I have been observing for many years. And it was finally time to write about it…

So I really hate being lied to. I suppose that’s why it makes me so angry to see the widespread deception caused by shaytan. There is this subtle deceptive tool becoming sooo pervasive—even among practicing people. And I’ve noticed how it plays out with hijab. Okay, before I get into how this trick works, let’s begin with the foundation:

#1. We are on a journey.

#2. Pleasing God is the destination.

#3. Obedience to God is the fuel.

Okay, now watch how this trick works. Shaytan says:

Step 1: “Hijab is a high spiritual *destination*. It is a ‘crown’ you wear once you’ve reached spiritual enlightenment/perfection.”

Step 2: “You aren’t there yet, spiritually.”

Step 3: “Therefore, you shouldn’t wear hijab until you first reach that level of spiritual enlightenment/perfection.” OR “If you already wear hijab, you aren’t at that spiritual level and you aren’t representing Islam well, so you should take it off until you can reach that level.”

Why this is a lie and a logical fallacy:

1. Hijab is NOT a crown you wear once you’ve reached spiritual enlightenment/perfection. Hijab is NOT a spiritual destination. Hijab is *part of the fuel (obedience)* to get there! It is part of the path to get to the destination: God.

2. Therefore, saying that I need to get to my destination (pleasing God), by displeasing God, is a logical fallacy. And that’s exactly the point. Shaytan knows this. It’s like seeing you’re gas tank running empty while driving to Los Angeles, and saying, “I first need to get to my destination, and THEN I’ll fill up with fuel.”

We need fuel *in order* to get to our destination.

Conclusion: Of course hijab is not the *only* fuel that fills the spiritual gas tank! But it is part of it! Why? Because it is part of our obedience to God. And refusing it, is an active and daily disobedience to the One we are trying to reach. Hijab isn’t for perfect people. There are no perfect people. If there’s anything that boils my blood, it’s when people say things like, “She might as well take off her hijab because she did…” Or “She wears *hijab* and she did…” As if the assumption is that once you wear hijab you are announcing to the world that you have become angelic. Hijab is not for angels. Hijab is for flawed, beautiful, humans who are saying every day that they are trying. And there is so much beauty in that struggle. Allah sees it. Even if you’re struggling with other things, it could be this act of obedience that Allah accepts! And due to it, may even forgive your other shortcomings!

So don’t lose hope or belittle any act of obedience–even if you see yourself as so flawed. One of the most common tricks of Shaytan is: “You’re only doing this good deed to show off to people. So stop doing it! You’re a hypocrite.” The correct approach is to KEEP doing the good deed, while at the *same time* making duaa and struggling to purify your intention.

Remember, hijab isn’t a destination we get to. Hijab is part of the path. Just like everything else we struggle to do to obey and please God. Hijab is part of the fuel that is helping us reach our destination: God.

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