* Category number four * – A Truly needed Reminder!

When our mother ‘Aisha was slandered, the community at her time reacted differently to the rumour, having split into four different categories:

The first – These were the inventors of the lie itself; The hypocrites.

The second – These included some of the righteous companions who did not believe the lie but also didn’t negate it, but spoke about it, repeating what was being said.

The third – These were the majority of the companions, who didn’t speak about the matter at all.

The fourth – These were the companions who made a point of falsifying this claim, actively speaking in defence of ‘Aisha and boldly arguing the case for her innocence.

After a month’s worth of waiting, verses from the Qur’an were finally revealed declaring the innocence of our mother ‘Aisha.

But here is what is amazing –

Out of the four categories above, the Qur’an only spoke in praise of one category;

Category number four.

Thus the next time rumours are spread about an individual/group/organisation that is known for its integrity, sincerity and dedication to the Sunnah, then it isn’t enough that we merely stay silent but Allah wants from us something more;

To actively reject it and insist on the default status of innocence.

“And why, when you heard it, did you not say, “It is not for us to speak of this! Exalted are You, O Allah; this is a great slander!”


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