Heartfelt Dua

Ya Allah!
He who has split the ocean to protect Prophet Musa (AS)!
He who has made baby Isa (AS) speak from the cradle!
He who has saved Yunus (AS) from the gut of the fish with His power!
He who has revived Ayub (AS) from extreme hardships by His Mercy!
My Guardian!
I beseech you by Your Honourable name!
From sleep, sadness, difficulties, sickness do I seek Your protection!
When I’m in deep sorrow, enable me come out of it into joy!
Do not allow me to seek help for my needs from anyone else other than You!
Surely You will not place upon me a burden greater than I can bear!
My Creator!

The One Who has kept my life in His Hand!
My fate, both good and evil is in Your hands alone!
The One Lord! Let my heart be filled with happiness!
I have complete faith (Iman) in You that even if the whole world comes together to do me good, I will not receive any goodness other than the one that is ordained by You.
And I believe that even if the whole world conspires together to bring me sadness, the one that is destined by You alone will reach me!
The One Lord! I have many needs in my heart, which I cannot tell to anyone but You. Only You know my secrets and everything that is deeply rooted in my heart!
You alone have the Immense Power to say “Kun” ( Be) and make everything happen. I beseech You to say “Kun” (Be) and make my desires come true!
I have no need from anyone as You are with me.
Show me the right path. Let all my affairs be determined and fulfilled by you.
Direct me towards the straight path whenever I tend to go astray.
Grant me the blessing of living a life in accordance with Your commands  and die in a state of  adherence to Your commands!
Ya Allah, forgive my sins!
Ya Allah, forgive me wherever I have erred!
Ya Allah, Protect me for the torment of the grave and the Hellfire!
Ya Allah, grant me success in this world and the Hereafter!
My Lord! Grant me respite from all illnesses, big and small, and a healthy life after them! 
My Lord! Bless me with a heart that has piety and is ready to follow Your Commands!  
My Lord! Let me lead a life according to the life led and liked by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW)!
My Lord! Let me live a life in accordance with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)!
O Lord! Grant me the intercession of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on the Day of Judgement!
O Lord! Let our hearts be filled with Love towards You forever! 
O Lord! Protect us from the torment of death and the grave!
O Lord! Make the questioning of Munkar and Nakeer easy for us!
O Lord! Grant us the blessing of seeing You on the Day of Qiyamah!
O Lord! Grant us entry into the highest rank of Paradise, Jannatul Firdhous!
O Lord! Protect us from the Heat of the Day of Qiyamah and from the Hell Fire!
O Lord! Protect us from the disasters of the Day of Qiyamah and make us of those of the believing men and women!
O Lord! Give us the record of our good deeds in our right hand!
O Lord! Grant us the shade of Your Arsh on the day of Qiyamah!
O Lord! Allow us to cross the bridge of Sirat ul Mustaqeem at the speed of lightening! 
O Lord! Allow our sins to be forgiven by Your Infinite Mercy and let us be dwellers of Paradise!  
Aameen…. Aameen…..


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