Provisions (الأرزاق)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Provisions (الأرزاق)
·         Sheikh bin Uthaymeen may Allah have mercy on him said: ‘Allah (ﷻ) gives rizq to whomever He wills, according to His wisdom and mercy. He tests a person with poverty to see if he will be patient or despair? He tests another with wealth to see if he will be grateful or ungrateful? Allah (ﷻ) decrees and measures all rizq’. 
·         Allah (ﷻ) will give you something better in replacement of something you wanted so that you will be happy and at rest. 
·         Behind all the delays in your life is great wisdom which only Allah (ﷻ) knows. Surrender yourself to Allah (ﷻ), trust Him and don’t despair. Know for sure Allah (ﷻ) will give you something better so you will be happy and at rest. 
·         The scent of a flower will not waft in the air until it becomes grinded and crushed. 
·         And the sweet smell of freshly baked cake will not spread until it cooks in the oven, subhan Allah. 
·         Whatever is pure will not show until it’s tested. You will not know the quality of oud until its burnt, and then you can see if there’s a scent or if it’s just a piece of wood. 
·         Similarly with difficulties in life, they’re all good and a blessing and test. It will show your reality and quality. 
·         You’ve never been alone for single night or day except the Lord of the people is with you. You will find relief no matter how tight matters may be because Allah (ﷻ) will send that relief in the toughest moments. Just as when the clouds gather and the sky gets dark, the rain will fall.  
·         Know for sure Allah (ﷻ) will not turn away the dua’a of a believer except there’s goodness in delaying the response. Or a believer might ask for something that’s not for his own good so Allah (ﷻ) will replace it and give him what’s better and good for him. And perhaps He delays it for him until the Day of Judgment, so it’s important for the believer to never stop asking so that the response is not stopped. As long as the person is making dua then this is worship. And when he surrenders himself to the truth then he will only find goodness.
May Allah (ﷻ) make us pleased with all of His decrees. Ameen.


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