Voids !

Throughout life there will be thagharāt or voids—moments of doubt, of uncertainty, of desperation, of outright confusion, of fear, of debilitating sadness’, of numbness as you anticipate the worst, of anxieties, of grief, of helplessness, of hopelessness and despair,… all of us at some point have faced these.

And a lot of times these aren’t real, so what we fear isn’t something real but it is the possibility of something real. Our anxieties are not a result of something tangible in the present but often they are a result of a hypothetical scenario in the future. We all have them.

What’s more is that Shayṭān loves these as we are at our weakest and thereby easy to overcome. Easy to fall into his trap. Easy to mislead and easy to stray.

These are voids that no one is immune from and there is ONLY one way to fill these voids and that is through, simply, Knowledge of Allāh.

How? The Qurʾān gives us the perfect example of this. In sūrat al-Baqarah, verse 268:

﴾Shayṭān threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality…﴿ — a void.

And, knowledge of Allāh, ﴾…while Allāh promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allāh is all-Encompassing and Knowing.﴿ — the only thing that can fill this void.

Now please note that shayṭān cannot give and he cannot take, so he can’t cause poverty but he threatens you with the illusion of poverty; perhaps in the future you might not have an income to sustain yourself, or a roof to shelter you, or food to satiate you, perhaps you will never find work, perhaps you will never see the fulfillment of your dreams, perhaps you will only see failure, perhaps your health will deteriorate. This is the illusion of poverty—it’s not real and neither is it tangible, and this is the only thing that shayṭān can taunt you with.

Whereas Allāh promises you forgiveness and endless bounty. Maghfirah is not just the dismissal of sins, but with maghfirah comes fatḥ—an opening in a dead end, rizq—a bucket of water from a once dried well, ease—a mountain that crumbled away leaving you a clear trail to march forward.

The greater your knowledge of Allāh is, the greater will be your conviction in His promises and the quicker these voids will fill—the quicker your anxieties will dissipate, the quicker your heart will find peace.

May Allāh grant us the purest of knowledge: knowledge of Him.

Via sister abeer


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