“Parent/ Child Relationship”

❤scene 1)
construction of a Kaaba, an old father Ibrahim AS and his young son working together to raise the walls of Kaaba.

❤Scene 2)
Court is in session, father Dawood AS and son Suleman AS sitting together trying to solve the problem together. Son came up with a solution, father embraces it because there is no competition between the two. They both wanted to reach a conclusion together.

❤ Scene 3)
Son Yusuf AS saw a dream, he shares it with his father before anyone else. Father listens to it carefully and guides his son about the interpretation of a dream.

❤ Scene 4)
Father Ibrahim AS saw a dream, shares it with his son directly. Son takes it so positively and advices his father to act upon it.

❤ Scene 5)
Mother puts her son Musa AS in a case, slides him in a river then transfer the whole mission to her daughter. Daughter handles it so well, she took care of it. Mother trusted her daughter completely and daughter didn’t let her mother down.

❤ Scene 6)
Father Luqman gave beautiful advice to his son with understanding, love and Hikmah. Son listens to his advice seriously.

Today we have this dilemma called

“Generation Gap”

How can we bridge this gap?
How can we have same type of relationship as we see in Quran?

The answer

🔹the common Themes in all of the scenes above are

2⃣ trust in relationship
3⃣common goals
4⃣caring and respected attitude
6⃣same level of understanding of Deen.
7⃣they read the same Book
8⃣they had the same interest;serve الله

This can happen if we connect ourselves and our children to book of الله
إن شا الله bi iznillah

Mother daughter comes home after a class and discuss what they learn together

Father and son discussing together how to solve a problem in a local Masjid.

The whole family is on the same page when it comes to Deen.

O الله make my family my assistant in Deen.


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