When the people of Jan nah reunite…

​When the people of Jannah will reunite, 
They will remember all the times they spoke about Jannah in this world.
They’ll look back and laugh, at how short life was, and then smile, 
Because beautiful is their final abode.
The people of paradise will have all that they desire,
One step into Jannah and they will remember no pain.
They will say they never suffered,
they will say they never cried.
A dip in Jannah,
Oh how much we long that moment.
The moment where we reunite,
We hug our loved ones once again.
We forget about all the pain,
And thank Allah for all the test!
How strange does it seem,
That these tests which weigh a ton on our chest
Will one day elevate us
Elevate us so high,
That we will thank Allah, 
Thank Him for testing us,
For loving us
And for giving us more than anyone could imagine.
A place of eternity, 
Vast, beautiful, peaceful
Everything one can desire.
Be patient Oh beautiful slaves of Allah, for our Lord is more Merciful than a mother is to her child,
*”Oh you who are patient! Bear a little more, just a little more remains.”* (Ibn Al Qayyim)


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