Key Productive Habit 5 – Bring Closure to Your Day

It’s 5.00pm and you’re tempted to just shut down your computer and beat the rush hour traffic.

Before you do, I recommend that you spend 30 minutes doing the following:

1. Clean Up Your Workspace (5 minutes)

A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Researchers have found that those with cluttered desks are easily distracted and are more stressed and anxious than those with clean workspaces. Cleaning up your workspace before you leave, ensures that when you arrive next day, you arrive to a clean environment that will make you eager about jumpstarting your day on a fresh slate. (Want to learn about Focus? Check out our Focus Management Class Here).

2. Reflect on your day (10 minutes)

You’ve had a long day, and a lot has happened that day, from meetings to phone calls to debates and maybe arguments with your colleagues. You need to get closure for that day, by reflecting on what went well, what didn’t go well, and how can you do better next day. These few minutes of reflection are important to your constant development and growth as you’ll become more self-aware about your weaknesses, strengths, and areas of development. (p.s. you can reflect in a simple notebook that you carry around with you – doesn’t have to be on the laptop).

3. Plan Your Next Day (15 minutes)

Now that you have a clean workspace and you’ve reflected on your day, it’s time to look ahead and plan what you’ll do the next day. Look at your schedule, skim your e-mails, and think about 3-6 to dos you’ll focus on next day. This helps you arrive next morning and hit the ground running instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to do.

Adopting this key habit (along the previous two we shared with you on starting your work in the right way, and taking back your lunch) and you can truly transform your working days and catapult you into the forefront of high performance workers in your company!

P.S. I knowthat the above examples mostly relate to office workers, however, these

key habits can apply to a working mother, a busy businessman, or even a

stay at home mom. The principles and habits are the same, even though

the settings may be different.

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