Key Productive Habit 4 – Eat, Pray, Nap!

Assuming that you’ve followed my advice (and I hope you do!), for your lunchtime 1-hour break, follow this regiment:

  1. 20 minutes – Lunch
  2. 20 minutes – Dhuhur
  3. 20 minutes – Nap!

(Heard of the book “Eat, Pray, Love”? Well, this routine is Eat, Pray, Nap!)

Tony Schwartz, founder of the The Energy Project and the campaign “Take Back Your Lunch” conducted a poll online about people’s habit regarding their lunch hour break. He found out that about 50% of respondents said they either never left their offices OR they spent less than 20 minutes for lunch. Tony emphasizes that “leaving the office for lunch is an opportunity to relax, let go of whatever stresses you’ve accumulated during the morning, and return to work feeling more energized, more focused and more engaged in the afternoon.”

For us as Muslims, we’ve a powerful routine for our lunch breaks which incorporates not only eating, but praying and connecting to our Spiritual selves, as well as napping which was from the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Some people ask me, does it have to be in that order: Eat, then pray, the nap. Not necessarily. You can mix it up however you want, as long as you stick to them each lunch time.

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