Key Productive Habit 2 – Be a Constant Learner

Key Productive Habit 2 – Be a Constant Learner

By the time the Quran was about to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), mankind was plunged into darkness and no revelation was sent by Allah for five hundred years. After all these centuries, don’t you think it’s powerful that the first word Allah chose to reveal was “Read!”

Scholars have spoken extensively about the choice of this word as the first word to be revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and one of these explanations is that since this was the last message that will ever be sent to mankind, Allah SWT wanted to emphasize that humanity needs to reach a new maturity and instead of waiting for visual miracles to happen to believe in Him, they should be learning and understanding His signs in order to become closer to Him.

Therefore, as part of being closer to Allah (and to be productive in different areas of our life), we should be constantly looking for ways and means to learn and develop.

You might wonder, “what should I learn about?” Simple answer: Learn about anything that would make you a better Muslim and a better human being. If you’re struggling in your marriage life, learn about marriage. If you’re struggling to raise your children, learn about parenting. If you’re struggling at work with your boss or employees, learn about management and being the best employee out there. Learn according to the needs of your life and what would make you a better person.

The next question you might ask: “How should I learn?” Here are 5 practical tips:

  1. Invest in a kindle (<–Disclaimer: affiliate link) or tablet that can carry lots of books and always carry it with you so whenever you have time, you can read a few more pages.
  2. Sign up to (<–Disclaimer: affiliate link) and download audiobooks to listen to while you commute or when doing house chores.
  3. When you get to work, before you check your e-mails or get any work done. Spend 10-15 minutes reading in your field per day.
  4. If you’re interested in a topic, watch educational YouTube Videos or TEDTalks about the topic. You’ll be surprised what you find on YouTube these days.
  5. Complete an online course about a topic of interest. There’s practically an online course about many topics these days. Check out Udemy, Coursera, and edX for some amazing courses for free.

Hope the above tips help you become a super learning powerhouse!

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