Key Productive Habit 1 – Start Your Day at Fajr

Key Productive Habit 1 – Start Your Day at Fajr

One of the most important productive habits you need to master in your journey to a more productive self is waking up early. However, the challenge that most people face with waking up early is that they have no incentive to wake up early and it’s purely through self discipline and intrinsic motivation that they force themselves to wake up early if they want to.

As Muslims, we’ve been blessed with the beautiful obligation of Fajr prayer, which not only forces us to wake up early but it also jumpstarts our day with the powerful positive actions of Salah and remembrance of Allah.

I understand that not everybody finds it easy to wake up for Fajr prayer even though it’s an obligation from Allah – and for some people, they think it’s alright to wake up close to when they need to get to work and pray Fajr as Qadaa (i.e. outside its appointed time).

I’m here to tell you that not only are you missing out spiritually by not waking up early for Fajr prayer, but you’re also missing out on the most blessed hours of the day, as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The early hours are blessed for my nation” [Tirmidhi].

How can you wake up early and stay awake after Fajr?

We’ve extensively covered this topic at and you’ll find lots of free resources on our website, here are my top three picks for you:

  1. How I Consistently Wake Up (By Allah’s Permission) 45-minutes Before Fajr Athan?
  2. [Doodle] How to Wake Up for Fajr?
  3. 7 Tips on How to Stay Up after Fajr

If you’re interested to go a step further and learn the nuts and bolts of early rising and having a productive morning routine, I recommend that you sign up for our “ProductiveMuslim Guide to Never Wake Up for Fajr” video course. It’s a super practical, easy to implement, online video course that would help you master one of the keys to a more productive life. Sign up here.



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