You are never far from His Mercy!

​You are never too far from the descent of His mercy. Whatever you may feel in terms of low spirits, be it today, tomorrow or even next week, know that it is merely a temporary state in a temporary world. 
Do not let the false promises of Shaytaan have you believing that Allah has abandoned you, or that you are too weak or too sinful to be responded to, for surely Allah responds even to the sinful – as He is sustaining the non believing on a daily basis. 
At your weakest, at your worst and at your lowest, you realise that Allah is the most incredible friend you could ever have. When you’re sitting in the dark, during the depths of the night, crying hot tears which stain your cheeks, with a heavy heart which feels as though it has reached the peak of shattering. 
You sit there telling yourself how unworthy you are, how undeserving you are of any goodness, how you deserve to be deprived of everything which He has given you, and you hit an all time low. But then He shines His light on you. He comforts you with a direct indication of His love for you.
He sends someone to your aid, someone who perhaps calls you or drops you a text message, someone who says they’re remembering you or thinking of you, someone who tells you that you’re so lucky, so fortunate.. and then you realise that He has been with you all along. He has been sheltering you and thus He informs you of His remembrance of you – by means of His slaves remembering you. 

You think it’s coincidental? Yet everything happens according to Allah’s watch. Everything happens at the required timing. How great is our Lord Most Merciful!


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