Why do we fast today?

​*The day Musa was victorious against all odds*
There they stood with the Red Sea in front of them and the Pharoah and his ferocious army behind them. The deep sensation of doom fell upon them and their Iman was tested. _”The companions of Musa cried, ‘We are doomed!’ Musa replied, ‘Never! Indeed my Lord is with me, and he will guide me!'”_ [26: 61-62] He strikes the sea with his stick, it splits in two and they race through. The Pharoah chases but the sea closes on him and his army. Against all odds the believers triumphed. Iman was their light when all other lights were extinguished. It is for this victory we fast today. 
So what of today? Wherever we look in the Islamic world we see doom and devastation. Do we lose hope? Or does our Iman bring us hope that the victory of Allah is near? For in the depth of darkness, when all but the strong in Iman despair, does Allah bring his victory. _”And do not despair and do not be saddened, for you will be victorious if you are indeed believers”_ [3: 139]
So what is the victory Allah has promised? 
_”..Then there will be a tyrannical rule, and it will be with you as long as Allah wishes, then He will end it if He wished to end it. Then there will be a Khilafah on the way of Prophethood. Then he was silent.”_ [Ahmad] So after the worst period in our history, Allah will bring us a new golden age.
So this very day, when the Iman of Musa destroyed the Pharoah and his army against all odds, let our Iman drive us for another victory, against all odds. 
_”When is the victory of Allah? Indeed the victory of Allah is near”_ [2: 214]

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