Deal with others as you would have them  deal with you


A wise person said that the one who seeks out the faults of others is like a fly -it lands only on that which is foul. Some people are afflicted with the word “but.” Every time you mention someone to them, they will say something along the lines of, “He has some good in him, but…” What follows “but” is always criticism, blame, and censure.

Woe  to every slanderer and backbiter.

A  slanderer,  going  about with  calumnies.

Neither  backbite one another.(Qur ‘an 104: 1)(Qur an 68: 11)(Qur an 49: 12)

The more just we are with others, the greater will their respect be for us. The opposite holds true also. No intelligent person can think that he will earn the respect and praise of others by belittling them and putting them  down.

Woe to Al-Mutajjif een [those who gi ve less in measure and weight(decrease the rights of others)}.  (Qur ‘an 83: 1)

Excerpt from “Dont be Sad”




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