Divine  pre-ordainment


In Al-Qaseem, a newspaper printed m Syria, an article was written about a young man who booked a flight to travel abroad. He informed his mother of the flight time and asked her to wake him up a short time before departure. After he fell asleep, his mother heard on the radio that the weather conditions were awful and that the wind was blowing violently. The compassion that she felt for her  only child caused her to not wake him up in the hope that he would miss the flight. When she was sure that the flight had taken off, she went to wake up her son. Upon entering his room, she found that he was lying  dead  on  his  bed .

Say [to them}: ‘Verilv, the death from which you flee will surelv meet you , then you will be sent back to [Allah}, the All-Knower of the unseen  and  the seen,  and He  will  tell you  what you  used  to do.

(Qur ‘an 62: 8)

Excerpt from Dont be Sad

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