He will provide him from  [sources} he never could imagine

And He will provide him from  sources} he never could  imagine.!

(Qur an 65: 3)

At-Tanookhi related in Al-Faraju B ‘ada asShiddah a story of a man who fell into a state of dire poverty . All doors of ease were shut tight before him. On one particul ar day his situation became so frightful that he and his family had nothing whatsoever in the house to eat. He later said, “The first day, we went hun gry. The second passed in a similar fashion, and when the sun was about to set, my wife said to me, ‘Go out, and find anything that you can for us to eat, for we are on the verge of dying.’ I remembered a female relative of mine and set out for her home. Upon meetin g her, I informed her of our pathetic situation. She said that they had nothing in the house other that a rotten fish. I told her to give it to us nonethele ss, since we were close to starving. I took it home with me, slit it open, and to my astonishment,  I found a pearl  lodged  in its stomach. I sold it for thousands  of  dinars  and  then  I  informed  my  relative  of  what happened. She said that she would only take a share of the proceeds, and not     everything.         My        situation               improved          greatly       after  that occurrence, and I furnished my house from my share of the profits. And I knew that it was the kindness of Allah, and nothin g else. ” And  whatever of blessings and good  things you  have, it is fi om Allah )                                  (Qur an 16: 53)

{[Rem ember} when you sought help of your Lord and he answered you.                                                      (Qur ‘an 8: 9)

And  He  it is Who sends down  the rain_})  (Qur an  42:  28)


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