Pursue work that you enjoy…


Ibn Taymiyah  said:

“I once became ill and the physic ian told me that reading and giving    talks   on             knowledge would          only      exacerbate             my condition. I told him that I couldn’t abandon these pursuits , and that I would, if possible, like to make his own knowledge a judge between us. Isn’t it the case, I asked him, that if the soul feels  happy  and  joyful ,  the  body  becomes      stronger  and sickness is repelled?  The doctor replied  in the affirmative. ‘Therefore,’ I said to him , ‘my soul finds joy,  comfort, and strength in knowled ge.’ The doctor yie lded and admitted that my situation was outside the pale of his science of medicine .”

{ Consider it not a bad  thing for  you . Nay,  it is good for  y ou.! (Qur an 24: 11)



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