Push yourself to more Ibadah

A king calls you to his courtyard and offers to reward you for your great service.. He gives you 10 buckets that all look the same to you and says that one of those buckets is a special bucket that contains a special formula that whatever you put in would be multiplied by 1000 times.. He then gives you 10 gold coins..and asks you to place the gold coins in any bucket you want..

You sit down and think.. What should you do?..

Should you take a chance and put all 10 gold coins in one bucket and hope it’s the special bucket that will get multiplied 1000 times..?

OR should you place one gold coin in each bucket and you’ll know for certainty that at least one gold coin will be multiplied by 1000?

Obviously, the 2nd option is the safest and most surest way to success – why take risk with the first option?

For a lot of us, unfortunately, we take such risks with with Laylatul Qadr – we either put all our efforts into the 27th night, or just the odd nights, and unfortunately, that’s not the smartest strategy.

Here’s why:

  1. This is not how Prophet Muhammad PBUH made the most of his last 10 nights. The Prophet (PBUH) was consistent in his worship (to the best of my knowledge) throughout the last 10 nights.

  1. According to some scholarly opinion – the night of Power (or Laylatul Qadr) could occur on any of the last 10 nights (even though odd nights have a higher chance).

  1. Due to differences in calculations and moon sightings, sometimes there’s a risk that even though I think I’m taking it easy on an even night, it’s actually an odd night – so why take a chance?!

So how can you maximize your investment in the last 10 nights and make sure you achieve laylatul Qadr:

  1. Stay consistent – every single night

  1. Have a “minimum performance level” for each of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, e.g. You’ll not sleep unless you complete x number of Rak’aahs

  1. Do not miss obligatory prayers (Isha + Fajr) as a minimum at the masjid and do not sleep before praying Witr

  1. Give something in charity every night (could be as little as $1)

  1. Make dua for something you really care about every single night

Let’s not play the numbers game and end up regretting – push yourself during these last 10 nights to invest – even a little – in yourself and the hereafter; for the reward is beyond imagination (1000 months of worship!).


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