Lets Finish it Stronger!

Imagine an athlete who’s on a long distance run…he does really well throughout the race.. but then, few meters before the finish line, he decides to take a break and drink some juice and nap for a bit… what would we say to this athlete?! “Are you crazy?! Get up and finish the race!”

That athlete is us during these last days of Ramadan.. we’ve done so well for the last 25 days of Ramadan (in sha Allah!), and now with just a few days left.. we may start getting busy with Eid shopping and preparing for Eid.. or after the 27th night, we start relaxing about taraweeh prayers and Qiyam, thinking we’ve “made it” for the month..

Just like we’d think it’s insane for an athlete to take a break before the finish line.. it also doesn’t make sense for us to relax and take it easy in these last few days/nights of Ramadan – rather we should go full blast to the best of our abilities and finish strong!

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us that actions are judged by their ending [Bukhari] – so we should aim to end strong.

Few Practical Tips:

Be extra vigilant of your energy, time and focus in these last 5 days.

Defer/Delegate anything not important or not urgent till after Eid.

Encourage your family/friends to make the most of these last few days and compete with each other to do good.

We started this Ramadan race together – let’s finish it strong together.. Bismillah!

Source: Productivemuslim.com


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