As much as Ramadan is about reaping rewards, it’s also about reaping abundant forgiveness from Allah.

The purpose of fasting is to acquire Taqwa, and if your acquire Taqwa then Allah mentions in the Quran, that due to your fear of Him and fulfilling your duty to Him, not only will He expiate your sins, but He will also forgive you.

Do you see the chain reaction?
Fasting, Taqwa, Expiation and Forgiveness.

And forgiveness is the route to Jannah. By being forgiven, Allah will rectify your worldly and hereafter affairs. All of it will be taken care of. Isn’t that a major blessing from Him? That you have nothing to worry about?

So why must we become satisfied by mere worship on the 21st night of Ramadan? Surely Allah has given us 9 more nights so that we may exert ourselves?

Much wisdom lies in the date not being known, as hope for those who may have missed the night, and as encouragement to do more and strive to become closer to Allah. Pray to Allah to make you His friend this Ramadan. Every night supplicate for this. Because if you have this, if you have Allah, then you have it all.

Remember me in your duaa. 🌸


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