Time to evaluate..

This is the time to evaluate your character. We are nearly ten days in to Ramadan, and the question is have we initiated a change within ourselves? Have we started the gradual inner transformation process? Or are we still the same people who we were the day before Ramadan?

This is a time for evaluating our spirituality. Have we experienced any spiritual growth? Has depriving ourselves of basic necessities created a sense of compassion within our hearts? A sense of humility and patience to deal with those around us in a kind and gentle manner?

This is the purpose of Ramadan. Character building. Usually when a person is deprived of food, drink and sleep, their character is at its worst. But Ramadan teaches you to be your best even when you feel physically at your worst. And this is because your spirituality should be at its best.

Little things may trigger different feelings within you, it could be irritation, annoyance, sadness or frustration. But Ramadan teaches you to restrain yourself. To stop yourself from expressing your feelings negatively. To avoid an emotional outburst. Because such acts will harm others. And through Ramadan you’re trying to acquire a degree of piety which makes you conscious not only of Allah’s rights, but the rights of His servants.

Self restraint is the biggest thing you will develop from Ramadan.
If you haven’t developed it yet, don’t worry, you still have time. Twenty days remain. Twenty days to reform your character.


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