Find Solace in Him

The greatest aspect of hardship, grief and turbulent times, is that of one reigniting the flame of hope within himself. It is through ease and comfort that hope is often lost, it’s the state of comfort which causes one to forget. Yet when calamity strikes, it reminds one that hope is ever existent. Hope in the All Merciful.

It’s a reminder that in life, people will always dissapoint you, some will even disappear when you are in dire need of them, yet despite all these individuals who come and go, one companion will always remain.

Allah suffices those whom He wishes. And when you solely rely and trust in Him, He shows you the path towards ease. He paves the way for you, so that you may find rest in His remembrance.

Have one friend or one hundred. But without the companionship of Allah, the echo of emptiness within you will only grow and become louder as night falls. It will become deeper, and sharper, day by day, night by night, you will feel it more. And your surroundings will fail to suffice you.

However he who finds solace in the companionship of Allah, will most certainly have found solace like no other. Solace which comes only from Him.
Salah is the means of communication between the Lord and the servant. So if we use this means of communication wisely, all doors and openings to such voids entering our hearts will be closed off.

May Allah enable us to fill our hearts only with Him. آمين.

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