Test after Test…

When you find yourself going through a test and then you’re hit with another test, it’s easy to feel like you’re the victim or that things are just unfair. But it need not be that way. Sometimes the only way we can forget a trial is to face something bigger than it. Then all of a sudden, the previous test becomes small – even petty – and you move on from it more easily than you thought.

Tests that follow on from each other hold massive reward and they create a staircase whereby you keep ascending and climbing higher in the ranks set by Allah `azza wa jall. Try not to get angry at the tests that come successively – they are like links on a chain, serving a greater purpose, leading you to places you could never find on your own.

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  1. Salam this post has been really helpful for me. I seem to be in this cycle of test after test and its related to my health! And it seems the problems just keep escalating. When I feel it can’t get any worse it does. Since September I’ve been fighting illness and I feel I may have passed some of the sickness to my baby and im just barely holding on and making duA. Thank you for this. And please remember me in your prayers

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