Keep up the Faith

In the matters of our day to day lives, we are filled with a sense of hope, yet at times fear can override such hope. We are fragile creatures, fragile in our nature, fragile in our emotions. We are afraid of being hurt, afraid of failing and afraid of being disappointed. 

Sometimes one will ponder and delve deep in to the matters of the future. What will come of it? What losses will I incur? Which paths will I tour? Who will I meet and who will depart? 

Such thoughts can easily consume the mind and create a great sense of despair. But one must try his best to avoid letting these thoughts get the better of him. Remember most thoughts, be they doubtful or fearful are inspired by Shaytaan. He casts the arrow of fear in to the believers’ hearts, in order to make them crumble, but know that when you no longer crumble because of such thoughts, then surely you are gaining the upper hand. 

Have faith in now. Have faith in Allah now and for the future. Everything lies in His hand so have pure hope that He will suffice you and only ever do what’s best for you.

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