The Best Day of the Year – Day of Arafah!

Amazing thought…

The best night of the year is Laylatul Qadr, and the exact night is unknown to us, so we were commanded to seek it in the last ten nights of Ramadan, with faith and hope throughout the last nights that we would catch it, especially on the odd nights. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak you are in your faith, it’s an opportunity for positive change and sincere redemption.

The best *day* of the year, however, is the Day of ‘Arafah. The Prophet ﷺ said, “There is no better day in the sight of Allah than the Day of ‘Arafah.” [Ibn Hibban, Ibn Khuzaymah]

And he ﷺ said, “Allah frees far more people from the Hellfire on the Day of ‘Arafah than any other day.” [Muslim]

The beautiful thing is that we know the *exact* date of the Day of ‘Arafah. Millions of pilgrims are humbly and sincerely making du’aa on the plains of Arafah while tens of millions are fasting that day all around the world, and the date of this massive forgiveness, blessings, and acceptance is known to us in advance.

Don’t miss out on increasing your good deeds throughout these ten days of Dhul Hijjah, and especially don’t miss out on maximizing every minute of the Day of ‘Arafah. By Allah, this is a massive opportunity that you can’t miss.

O Allah, guide us to the best of deeds!

Aameen Ya Rabb



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