Ramadan is not over!!

Ramadan is not over: in fact the best is yet to come. Although it’s hard to believe that the last 10 days of Ramadan are already here, I’ve been hearing many say “Ramadan ‘flew’ by!” and every year it seems to pass by faster than the previous one. This is the reality of our time on earth as well. It will ‘fly’ by until the unexpected day of our ‘departure’ to eternity comes. On our final day, we will feel like we lived in this dunya for a couple of hours. We must therefore take the last days of Ramadan very seriously: a night in these last ten days is better than a thousand months  that’s equivalent to 83 years – more than the average of a person’s lifetime! Who would let such a night just pass by like every other night?! Who can afford it? Not you or I.

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