Why we become lazier during Ramadan?

It’s very tempting to be lazy during Ramadan. After all, the fasting hours are long, the night prayers aren’t short either, and we’re trying to get by with whatever sleep we can.

I used to think that it’s normal to be lazy during Ramadan. It seemed like a logical way for us to conserve our energy so we can ‘survive’ the fasting during the day and complete all the taraweeh prayers at night.

However, a thought crossed my mind the other day that made me rethink whether it’s normal or even logical to be lazy during Ramadan; I compared the life we’re leading now with the life  our forefathers had. Think about it: We live in cozy homes, work in comfortable offices, and drive air conditioned cars. Few of us (if any) work on farms or ride horses under the sun as our grandparents or great grandparents did. So what exactly are we conserving energy for?!

Do you really want to know why we’ve become lazier during Ramadan? I offer couple thoughts below:

  1. Laziness begets laziness: Whether we like it or not, we live a more sedentary lifestyle than our forefathers did. We spend more time sitting, less time moving, and rarely lead an active lifestyle outdoors. This overall reduction in our movement, made us “lazy” and not want to do anything active – especially during Ramadan.

  2. Laziness is a mood, not a deficiency: This is a trick question – why you’re lazy to do something, are you physically not able to get the task done, or is it in your mind? I say it’s a trick question because laziness is a mood that starts in our mind, but it has huge impact on us physically. What happens to us during Ramadan is that we think we can’t do more or shouldn’t do more because we’ll get more tired, and this leads to a laziness mindset.

Understanding why we become lazy during Ramadan is a first step. Dealing with our laziness and leading a productive lifestyle during and after Ramadan is a whole different ball game.

InshaAllah, I’ll share with you some practical tips to help you overcome laziness, and truly enjoy Ramadan to its fullest.

Source:  ProductiveMuslim.com



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