When Worry Consumes the Mind..

When worry consumes the mind, its exhausting. The heart remains in a constant state of anguish, nothing seems to be of comfort, no amount of words seem to avail the anguished heart, no amount of advice can comfort the soul which is drenched in unbearable hopelessness. Because that constant longing is there, the heart is in a state of waiting, constantly. 

Why not steer that energy wasting away, towards faith. Have faith. Have hope in He who bestowed this concern upon your heart. Have faith in Him to remove it. Learn to accept that what He wills, will always be. And nothing can prevent what He has decreed. Entrust your matter to Allah just as Ya’qub AS did when Yusuf AS could not be found. Through entrusting his matter to Allah, Allah responded to him and bestowed upon him ease and relief, eventually returning Yusuf AS. 

This life will undoubtedly cause you trouble. But the only way to get through it is if you adopt unwavering faith in Allah for He is the best disposer of affairs. 

May Allah fulfill the needs of all of us reading this post and take care of all of our affairs and give tranquillity to the troubled hearts. Ameen.

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