O Allah! Give us contentment!

Some people endure the most turbulence in their lives yet their hearts feel sukoon, peace.
Whereas others lead peaceful lives, but their hearts are in pieces.
Such is the effect of not having Allah’s presence in one’s life. Life without His remembrance, nor obedience lacks sweetness and contentment.

When you live your life in such a way that it is filled with Allah’s remembrance and obedience, you will feel the happiest that you will ever be. Not just temporary worldly happiness, but ever lasting contentment.
Happiness is such a feeling that can change at anytime. Meanwhile contentment does not change. It is a feeling of being whole. And nothing can change it.

So when you ask Allah, do not just ask Him for ‘happiness.’ Ask Him for contentment too because that feeling will get you through the roughest patches which can be experienced in life, and no matter what you may encounter, you will always face it with a content heart.

اللهم اني اسالك رصى بالقضى أمين.
O’ Allah I ask you for contentment with fate.


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