Are you patient during a Calamity?

When Bilal (ra) was being dragged through the streets of Makkah. Thorns and shards pricking his face. What did he say? What did he cry out? Of course it was the Name of his Rabb, the One and the True. He (ra) had that close connection with Allah (swt). He (ra) was among those who were always conscious of Allah (swt). This was what gave him (ra) the strength to remain firm despite all of the torture and all of the pain. He loved his Rabb so much. He desired nothing more than to be near to Him. Nothing more than His Pleasure. Do you have this kind of a relationship with Him? If you cannot even give up your pleasures, if you cannot make a few sacrifices, if you cannot remember Him throughout your day, if you cannot even remember Him in your Salah, then how will you have the strength when things really become difficult?


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