Who can truly fill the void?

The emptiness within our hearts tells us that in order for it to be complete, we must hand it over to someone. Often we are mistaken, and we either hand it over to this transient world, or to a being who can not even fill the void wihin him/herself.
In our minds, we have this perfect idea of how things will work out, but we are merely deluding ourselves. Such a plan can only be concocted through the influences of shaytaan. 

For shaytaan desires that your heart be torn to shreds so that you may seek and chase after that which displeases Allah due to feeling ‘let down’ by Him. No. Rather we have been let down and deceived by our Nafs. By shaytaan who promised us all these pretty things. Really and truly he himself flees out of fear of Allah, yet leaves us to deal with the mess he helps create. 

But the pain and heartache should teach you that you were mistaken. That you were indeed supposed to hand over your heart to someone, but unfortunately it fell in to the wrong hands.

It was supposed to be handed over to Allah, for the emptiness within is really and truly but a longing for Him.
And that emptiness can not be filled until one submits to Him completely and falls down in defeat before Him. 

It’s okay to feel defeated by the dunya, by shaytaan, by the nafs.It’s okay because we all get tired of this struggle. We all tire from fighting to stay upon the right path. Hence falling in defeat shows Allah your humility, and weakness, it demonstrates utter desperation and helplessness before Him, due to our need for Him. 

And only through the crushing of the heart can we really find Allah and hand it to Him so that He may make it whole again, but this time with His remembrance. 

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