My Goosebump Moment :-)

After a break of 1 week (due to dad’s surgery), went to work yesterday and though i handle only the IGCSE grades and A levels, i always have the habit of peeping into the Little Angels (Pre Primary) while leaving home. Yesterday, when i did that, a child came all the way from her song practice and asked why couldn’t they see me all these days and she said “WE MISSED YOU”….soon one after the other every child came along and said the same and each one gave me such a warm n loving hug.

SubhanaAllah!!! i was highly overwhelmed by their love and was so surprised that they had noticed my absence even though i am in a entirely different block.

MashaAllah, their Love and Hugs are so Priceless!! Alhamdulillah!

It was indeed a Goosebump Moment.


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