InshaAllah, My Second Business Event,

Please remember in your Dua’s for its Success!




    • Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!

      Yes, My Vision…..Ya Allah!! It’s so big…. Ya Allah Only through Your Help, i can achieve it!! Please help me and help everyone to help me to achieve it!!

      While doing my (bamboo basket) shopping for the event, i met two kids doing labor leaving school n the entire family on the main high road in peak hot sun making beautiful baskets, I am highly disturbed after seeing it. I advised enough to the parents to send the children to school seeking govt’s help. But i dont know what can i do about it. How am i going to change it alone?? I need Allah’s help for me to change it? I need my brothers and sisters to lend me a hand to change it? Ya Allah please help us to help the Ummah. Please Guide us to leave a legacy before we leave this dunya, Help us to impart the knowledge to others that you have provided to us by your immense Mercy, Ya Allah, Please help! I cannot do it all alone!! I need Your Help!

      – A desperate slave of You requiring Your Mercy to guide me to help the Ummah.

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