Farewell Ramadan!!

Silent tears falling down my cheeks
As I watch you walk away
My heart beckons to you

Not to leave me once again
How I wish you didn’t have to go
How I wish it wasn’t so..

Yet I know it is the will of The Almighty
The further you walk away
The faster my heart beats
How I wish I valued you as I should have
Cherished you when I had the chance
Now you are leaving me and I can only watch

My purpose I had forgotten
Too engrossed in the scenery
I forgot about my journey
You gently and lovingly guided me
Showed me once again the straight way

My sins were smothering me
Enshrouding me in darkness
My nafs was ruining my heart
My Creator How I had forgotten!
Yet HE had not forgotten me
My loving ALLAH sent me your guiding Light

To brighten my soul
Wipe away my tears
To help me get up again
Strengthen my faith
To help this lost one..
How Merciful is my Creator!

Yet now,Oh Ramdhaan
You are leaving me
Whether I will see you again or not
I have no guarantee
Now is the test
Will I remain steadfast?

Will I imbue these lessons that I have learnt
Into each and every day?
Will I remember
Why my heart is beating?
Why I am breathing?
Will I remember that my only purpose of creation

Is to worship my ALLAH?
Or will the worldly pleasures seep into my heart
Causing me to forget my ultimate end?
Will I go back to my negligent state
And drown in frivolous pursuit?
Will I allow my heart
To become a haven for the devil?

Oh Allah! Let that not be so!
Let every moment of my life
Be in your obedience
Let every day and every night
Be a means of getting closer to You!
And let us be steadfast in our Imaan
And we beg of you, Oh ALLAH.
let us see another Ramadhan. Aameen!


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