A Long Wait to See One of the Signs of Laylatul Qadr

SubhanaAllah!! It was indeed a long wait in the terrace today morning to see one of the possible signs of Laylatul Qadr..The following pics says it all…

Waiting for Dawn in the Dusk..

DSC00960 Moon Still Bright!! SubhanaAllah!!DSC00962 Cloudy Clouds..DSC00966

Breezy Wind…DSC00972 I am waiting too Ya Rabb – CrowDSC00969
We are waiting too..DSC00974 A great communication, probably about Laylatul Qadr 🙂DSC00976 Dawn Appears..DSC00981 Possible Rayless Sun – Allah Knows Best!DSC00991 Much Awaited Sun Appears…Possible Ray Less Sun!! SubhanaAllah!!DSC00994



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