Unspoken Desires – Recording and PPT


Assalaamu’alaikum everyone!

We hope this reaches you in the state of best of health and Emaan.

First of JazakAlllaahu Khairaa for registering for the event Unspoken Desires and taking out time to attend it live.

Secondly, we the team of Ar-Rajaa The Hope Counseling Service and i1Legacy Pakistan are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience and technical issues we faced.

We plan, and ALLAH Plans. And ALLAH  is The Best of All Planners.

We understand that you were expecting alot from this event and were very excited to attend it live but at the end of the day whatever happens is according to ALLAH’s perfect wisdom and He only wants good for His Slaves, so we humble ourselves to His perfect decisions.

Alhamdulillaah ‘alaa kulli haal! =)

We ask ALLAH to accept our efforts and intentions and bless our work. Aameen.

As promised yesterday we are sending you the Recording and PPT of the webinar in this mail.

 MP3 Recording -> http://bit.ly/UnspokenDesiresRecording

 PPT -> http://bit.ly/UnspokenDesiresPPT
We hope you all will benefit from it and you are allowed to share the links with your friends and family In sha ALLAH. 😀

Jazakumullaahu Khairan Katheera!


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