Just 5 hours to go for the Event and the Link.



Alhamdulillaah our long awaited and unique webinar Unspoken Desires is just few hours way.

Your link to attend the webinar is finally here ..


Click the above link and join us LIVE In sha ALLAH.

Please don’t share this link in public and encourage sisters to register for the event.

This event is for Sisters of all Faiths.
Online webcast with audio and visual presentation
For maximum benefit, try your best to attend this event live.

UK Time: 4 PM
UAE Time: 7 PM

KSA Time: 6 PM
India Time: 8:30 PM
Pakistan Time: 8 PM

See *you* there!



    • Sorry about yesterday’s event. We couldn’t rectify the technical Issues. Qadr of Allah.
      InshaAllah, i am doing a (talk)webinar on Time Management in Islamic Perspective for Sisters tomm 1st July at 9:00 p.m. IST and we pray that it goes on well. If your wife is interested to join, please provide the email id and i can mail the link for the event tonight inshaAllah.

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